The current era presents enormous challenges for society in terms of poverty, insecurity, inequality, corruption and institutional decay.

Compassion and Justice values are a claim from the center of being in human relationships, our community and the most vulnerable communities in the world.

These challenges compromise us all and demand leaderships able to clarify its causes, proposing solutions and coordinating corrective and innovative actions from education, economic and political systems, but especially from the mind and heart that governs human behavior.

A society of free men also requires a well-defined rules and a culture of compliance that enable and enhance life in common framework.

That is why the organizing committee of the Eighth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values has named this edition COPING SOCIAL CRISIS WITH THE VALUE OF JUSTICE with three anchor themes: Social Justice, Fair Economy and Restorative Justice.

We believe that this content can boost the performance of values and awaken us to act from love in justice to live in a world where solidarity and peace prevails.