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Worldwide Meeting on Human Values

Nowadays, inhabitants of planet earth, we are experiencing a turning point in the process of human evolution and the relationship with our environment. The brightest minds of our times recognize that the courses of action we have taken are not having a positive effect on our lives and our traditional way of thinking is leading us to destroy rather than build . Thoughts and beliefs that have been handed down for generations as the believe in survival of the fittest, the strong need to compete, believing we are disconnected from nature and that the sole purpose of our planet is to serve us; thoughts centered on selfishness are keep us on the edge of disaster and are urgently needed to be changed . For all these reasons the Council for the Promotion of Human Values of the State of Nuevo Leon organizes every year the Worldwide Meeting of values that seeks to bring together world leaders to share these solutions through a space of dialogue and reflection to inspire politicians, business leaders, stakeholders and the community in general to be part of the global transformation.

EMV through the years

EMV 2013

Human Values​​ and Universal Consciousness, A path to Oneness was the title of the Fifth World Meeting on Human Values ​​in which 28 keynote speakers participated, 15 universities, local NGOs, volunteers and local enterprises. Among the speakers who shared their knowledge and experience with the audience were Claudio Naranjo, Ervin Laszlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Isha Judd, Bilaal Rajan, among other great social change agents.

Topics such as the Compassionate Force that unites us, opportunities for women, planetary sustainability, multiple intelligences, youth worldwide networks, evolutionary education, patriarchal consciousness, consciousness expansion, were some of the enriching topics discussed in 2013.

The cultural events that were part of the 2013 EMV ​​focused on the promotion of human values through music, poetry, cinema, painting and rap.

EMV 2012

Evolve, feel the pulse of change was the theme of the Fourth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, topics such as immigration, educational progress, spiritual solutions, a world without poverty, peace building, education and innovation, an awakening youth were some of the many addressed at the event.
Among the speakers who made the event a success we hosted Nobel laureate Rigoberta Menchú, Alejandro Solalinde, Deepak Chopra, Kiran Bedi, Waris Dirie, Nick Vujicic, Jeffrey Sachs, Rodrigo Baggio, among others. An important part of the event was the cultural segment which was characterized by the Peace Cinema and the Poems’ Rain released from an helicopter.
This event was deeply inspirational and motivated us to work in pro of peace and inner individual transformation as the starting point to achieve a collective change.

EMV 2011

Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness was the theme of the third Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, in which our guest of honor was H.H. Dalai Lama who shared his wisdom with the audience. During this third edition dialogues and conferences on topics such as new education rules of the XXI Century, emotional reconstruction for a sustainable heart, women as drivers of safety and peace, the family as the foundation of the social fabric, among other issues. Discussion forum were composed by speakers such as Shirin Ebadi, Kiran Bedi, Kliksberg, Jorge Flores Kelly, Shin Fujiyama, Leoluca Orlando, Aldo Civico, among other.

EMV 2010

The main conference address topics such as Environmental Justice, the road to peace; philanthropy, the crisis as a window of opportunity; Compassion, a peace building tool; Social networks as a technology transformational source; Creativity, the best investment to educate; Spirituality: looking for the truth and Human rights of children
With the participation of over 28 speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Sergio Fajardo, Pati Ruiz, Matthew Bishop, Zainab Salbi, Gordon Dryden, Aldo Civico, Gerard Schwarz, Kim Phuc among other great leaders. As part of the cultural events, a collective silence meditation was held as well as the event Sowing Peace and Compassion, an event where over 5,500 children participated at the Fundidora Park.

EMV 2009

The Council for the Promotion of Human Values from the State of Nuevo Leon agrees to start a First Worldwide Meeting on Human Values and Culture of Lawfulness, setting dates for the meeting from September 24 to 26, 2009, at Cintermex Convention Center , in Monterrey City, Mexico.
In collaboration with the Mexican Red Cross delegation in Monterrey and the Ministry of Education, coordinated this forum opened to six thousand people who witnessed the participation of international personalities like Nobel Prize Jody Williams, Geshe Lakdhor , Leonel Narvaez , Patch Adams, Carlos Diaz, Roen Schutte, Herman Zin , Michael Bergman , Xavier Wiechers , among others, to share a conference about Peace Initiatives ; Pedagogy of Social Ethics Training for Securities ; Education, Freedom Writers ; Experiences of Life, Facing Adversity , among other issues of great impact.