Since 2009, the Worldwide Meeting on Human Values has been conducted annually with activities involving young people throughout the year in conferences, panel discussions, cultural events and promotion of the Charter for Compassion.

Up until the year 2016, we have had 45,595 attendees to the meeting. Out of this total, 10,400 have been students from 15 different Universities. We have been present conducting programs at Nuevo León’s State Penitentiary.

This event has reached 116 countries on-line. There have been 1424554 visits to the website where the public can access conferences by some 200 recognized world leaders, such as Dalai Lama, Rigoberta Menchú, Jody Williams, among others.

The last edition, Eighth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values, addressed the topic COPING SOCIAL CRISIS WITH THE VALUE OF JUSTICE with three anchor themes: Social Justice, Fair Economy and Restorative Justice.