Nowadays, inhabitants of planet earth, we are experiencing a turning point in the process of human evolution and the relationship with our environment. The brightest minds of our times recognize that the courses of action we have taken are not having a positive effect on our lives and our traditional way of thinking is leading us to destroy rather than build . Thoughts and beliefs that have been handed down for generations as the believe in survival of the fittest, the strong need to compete, believing we are disconnected from nature and that the sole purpose of our planet is to serve us; thoughts centered on selfishness are keep us on the edge of disaster and are urgently needed to be changed . For all these reasons the Council for the Promotion of Human Values ​​of the State of Nuevo Leon organizes every year the Worldwide Meeting of values ​​that seeks to bring together world leaders to share these solutions through a space of dialogue and reflection to inspire politicians, business leaders, stakeholders and the community in general to be part of the global transformation.

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