6th Worldwide Meeting on Human Values

Sixth Worldwide Meeting on Human Values (6EMV)

Love in Action: Awakening to a New Humanity is the title of the sixth edition of the most important human values ​​event organized by the Council of Human Values of the State of Nuevo León and to be held in Monterrey, Mexico on 23-25 of October 2014, during the Oneness Day Celebration.

Love in action is a call of our Creator to experience unconditional love, not just as a feeling, but as a lifestyle, is this vibration that forms new brain connections allowing our being to manifest in the “now” with solidarity and compassion.

Every year we have invited Nobel Prizes and the most advanced minds in subjects like economics, health, science, sustainability and spirituality as well as people working on social projects with the goal of having a positive impact, not only in their communities but all over the world, people who are guiding humanity to a new level of consciousness.


This year we will have the participation of valuable leaders and role models who will inspire and motivate us, who will share conferences on topics such as Women Peace Movements, The Slow Movement, The Mind Up Project, Indigenous Women Empowerment, Transcending Attitudes for Life, Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs, the AWE Education Project, The Inner Strength, Awakening to the Possible Human & the Possible World, Water for Everyone, Compassionate Cities, among others.

We will be connecting  live with the five continents to celebrate the Oneness International Day and  we will be co-creating the Nuevo Leon State 2030 with an exercise in which the audience will participate and Nuevo Leon State leaders too.

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